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De Punt – Refracted
Blog / October 14, 2014

This was an experimental installation made for the art space initiative De Punt, in Amsterdam, to create an effective low cost solution for dealing with their window display needs. There was a need for some kind of system that would allow diffused light into the space, and some framed views for the passerby when there was an exhibition inside. We created a filtered screen from good old fashion bubble wrap and injected fluorescent pink cleaning solution into specific air pockets (determined by the design). The bubble wrap serves as a low tech and low cost material that provides both a decent visual/solar diffuser that is large enough to cover the full height of the storefront glazing. The air pockets that are inherent to the wrap’s structure can be interpreted as a pixelated canvas for the artist in resident to fill in their own designs. Throughout the day, light falling through the screen create different effects. Dependent of your perspective angle, both natural light and the surrounding background is refracted into every single bubble. Giving a mitotic notion of how the collective whole is made out of constituent parts that each hold the same image.

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