Oudeweg 91-95
Studio C0.4
The Netherlands

KVK 66952557
Circus-Elleboog, Amsterdam, NL

The modern youth circus, Circus Elleboog, recently relocated its headquarters from the city center to Laan van Spartaan, an emerging…

Bubble House, Amsterdam, NL

Interior renovation and spatial re-organization to accommodate the needs of a growing family.  The challenge for this particular project lies…

Bredeweg, Amsterdam, NL

Interior design for a private residence in Amsterdam East. The upper floor of this residence is totally stripped to create…

Jodenbreestraat, Amsterdam, NL

The challenge of this project was designing a space that accommodates the needs and desires of an evolving eleven year…

“Pending Ground”, Groningen, NL

Pending Ground (‘Wachtland’) is a research project after a strip of land and its unintentional creators in the rural North…