Oudeweg 91-95
Studio C0.4
The Netherlands

KVK 66952557
Jodenbreestraat, Amsterdam, NL

The challenge of this project was designing a space that accommodates the needs and desires of an evolving eleven year old girl in the present who will eventually leave home for college. The space needs to take into account the ever changing phases of a child moving into adulthood, as well as what it should become in the final transformation, which is a Japanese inspires meditation room for the mother. Given the small footprint of the site along with much needed storage space, the bed is designed into an existing niche as a built-in installation that integrates hidden storage and lighting. The bed-niche recalls a hint of japanese tatami aesthetic with its proportions and natural hardwood surfaces. Phillips LED HUE lighting system is integrated to give the user total freedom to create any atmosphere they desire through their iPhone or iPad. All surfaces above the bed are painted white to create a white neutral field to catch the light effects. In essence you can shape the quality of your space to your mood with light.

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